Ride Speed Index

CSP uses the following speed classifications for our group rides:

These speeds are based on the average sustained moving speed of the group.
Ride average speed is significantly impacted by things such as road conditions, traffic lights, hills, wind and distance.
During our group rides, you should be able to maintain the following speeds while in a pace-line.
At times, the group may be riding at speeds outside of these ranges unless specified otherwise in the ride details.
 A              24 - 30 mph                           
 B+            20 - 24 mph
 B              18 - 20 mph
CSP is a fast group.
If you cannot keep up now with these speeds, but want to get stronger, we suggest starting with us and then cutting your ride shorter. If you ride consistently, you will be riding faster in no time.
The above groups will make a best effort to stay together but riders should be prepared if they get separated from the group.
Being able to maintain these speeds will increase the enjoyability of your ride.
If you doubt your capabilities, drop down to the lower level until you gain more experience.
Being dropped is NO FUN but the fact is, it's a part of this sport and the slowest rider cannot dictate the speed of the entire group.
Know your limitations.
Please follow the guidelines above.
*Headphones, Ear Buds and Speakers are strictly PROHIBITED on all CSP rides.
*Aero bars are welcome, but NOT ALLOWED while in a pace line or rotation.
When using aero bars, either ride off to the left side or stay in the rear.
This is for your safety as well as the safety of others around you.
CSP requires all event / training ride participants to wear a helmet and obey all traffic laws (i.e.. respect signals, stop signs, yield signs, etc.).
Use caution at intersections and respect all other road users (other cyclists, pedestrians and motorists).
As a participant, you recognize that cycling is a potentially hazardous activity and you assume all risks associated therewith.