Club Rules

The following rules have been adopted by CSP to insure that our riders have the safest experience possible. We respectfully ask that you read, understand and abide by these rules as well as take the time to direct new members. The dynamic environment we ride in requires each of you to exercise your judgement to insure a positive outcome in all situations. If you have any questions or recommendations we strongly encourage you to bring these up to anyone in a CSP Leadership position.

  • Helmets are Mandatory and must be properly worn during all CSP Rides.
  • Ear Buds or other devices that interfere with hearing are prohibited.
  • The use of Aero Bars is prohibited in the paceline. If you wish to use Aero Bars please only do so at the front of the group or at the rear while maintaining one full bike length spacing.
  • Eye protection is strongly recommended and should be appropriate for conditions.
  • Use hand and verbal signals for slowing, braking, turning, road hazards, motorist and pedestrians. These signals must be passed along the group to insure a proper group response.
  • Ride at a steady pace, accelerating and decelerating smoothly within the group speed guidelines.
  • Ride assertively anticipating hazards and taking the space you need on the road to avoid them.
  • Abide by traffic signals (red and yellow lights) and be very cautious at stop signs and yield signs.
  • Slow down prior to intersections, traffic circles and stop signs etc. to allow time for the proper group decisions.
  • Do not overlap the front wheel of your bicycle with the rear wheel of another bicycle.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the rider in front of you.
  • When you are done pulling at the front of the paceline Look left to clear your egress, signal “tap out” then rotate to the back of the pace line.
  • The next paceline leader should maintain a smooth and steady speed to allow the last paceline leader to jump onto the back of the paceline.
  • Each paceline should keep with the pre-identified speed parameters.
  • If you want to “break out” do not do so from the front of the paceline during your pull but instead pull out to the left of the paceline for a sprint.  The other paceline riders should close gaps and maintain speed.
  • Allow ample time for the entire group to negotiate obstacles and intersections.
  • If the group inadvertently splits, riders in the forward group should find a safe place to stop or slow down considerably to reform the group.
  • After intersections, be sure the group is reformed before resuming the group paceline speed.
  • Don’t leave the group without notifying other riders or the ride leader.
  • Rides and routes are set up so that multiple groups follow the same route so that if you are with a faster group and you are dropped, slow down and wait for a following group to pick you up and bring you back to the finish.

As a participant, you recognize that cycling is a potentially hazardous activity and you assume all risks associated therewith.