Ride Leader Guidance

CSP Ride Leaders are the heart of CSP and set the tone for our events. It is important to recognize that CSP Ride Leaders are volunteers and do their best to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for their entire Ride Group. Below is a list of things you can expect from your CSP Ride Leader.
  • Perform morning announcements
  • Recognize New Riders
  • Identify Ride Group participants
  • Identify and designate an assistant ride leader for the No Drop Group
  • Ride at the advertised pace
  • Employ hand and verbal signals and encourage the group to pass these signals along
  • Use caution when approaching any intersection¬†
  • Round corners at the lowest advertised speed for your group then maintain that speed until the entire group reforms
  • Once your group reforms accelerate at .1 mph per second until the group reaches cruising speed
  • If your group is split by a traffic light pull over in a safe area and wait for the group to reform
  • Stop the group for Mechanical, Medical or Accidents
  • Engage the members of your group during rest stops to insure that they are ok to continue
  • Insure that all riders are accounted for at the end of your ride